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In a central Maryland farmtown with a population of only 3200 people, nobody would ever expect a melodic metalcore band to pursue glory. In 2013, after spending a year at the University of Arizona, guitarist Brian Wynn had three demos written that he jammed on with two other friends, drummer, Nick Folio, and guitarist, Cameron Meyer. The band's sense of melody, speed, power and emotion drove the music. The three then began the band known under the name "Hejira," which means "a journey to a more desireable place" in Arabic. The band felt the name was a great representation of their music, which in itself was a journey. Through the summer of 2013, the band filled out their lineup with vocalist Tim Lyons and bassist, Russell Carollo. Following, Brian composed 8 other songs and the band began recording their debut self-titled album in September 2013 with producer, Caleb Rodriguez.

After several lineup changes, the band opted to take a short break in the recording process and focus on their live set. However, in May 2014, drummer, Nick, was picked up by Sumerian Records band, Miss Fortune, and the band was put on a standstill. After trying many drummers, and not finding the right one, the band would not fill out their lineup again until July 2014, when new vocalist Cole Knowlton and guitarist, Tyler Huffman stepped up. Nick returned for one final show with Hejira on July 27, 2014 before departing to CA to join Bad Omens. The album was completed in late July 2014, and released October 11, 2014.

August brought different fortunes for the band, as Cole left for for college and Tyler left for his final semester of school. In October, the band picked up drummer and longtime friend, Connor Davis as well as vocalist Elliot Lowe. The band continued as a four-piece with Elliot, Connor, Brian, and Russell, playing another slew of shows to promote the album. Tyler returned in December 2014, and the lineup was complete once again. With this remaining lineup Hejira worked non stop playing only the occasional show to write and perfect their sophomore 15-track album “The Sentinel”. Having been contacted by Anthony Lopardo of Westfall Studios in NY Hejira made it their mission to be ready to record their album by the beginning of June 2016 and to release “The Sentinel” on September 18th, 2016. Hejira's goal is to perform music fulltime and they will not stop chasing their dream for anything.

Hejira has shared the stage with the following national acts: Affiance, I, the Breather, Otep, Threat Signal, Hatchet, Maylene and the sons of Disaster, It Lies Within, Black Tide, War of Ages, Mouth of the South, Oh Sleeper, To Speak of Wolves and many more.



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